Blockchain Game Reward Engine

Rewarding gamers, increasing engagement for developers and enabling brand sponsored rewards.

What is Monetizr?

We enable game developers to reward gamers with MTZ tokens for their time and skill. Gamers use MTZs to buy physical goods, services or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.

Alumni of Techstars '17 Global business accelerator

Working product driving revenue for 25 game developers

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The Status Quo

The gaming ecosystem is crowded and fragmented


Gamers are not compensated fairly

Rewards lack real-life value


Game lifecycle is short - avg. 3 months

Only 2% of gamers pay money in games

Ads make gamers leave


Brands are burning money

Lack of targeting specific audiences

Game reward engine

Enabling real-life Rewards, increased Engagement & extended Reach Monetizr's Game Reward Engine includes three core products:

MTZ Wallet
Brand Autopilot
Game AI Optimizer

MTZ Wallet

Monetizr's MTZ wallet provides gamers with a single reward wallet across games. Gamers have full ownership of the MTZ tokens they have earned. They earn MTZs as rewards and use them to purchase physical goods, services or exchange to other cryptocurrencies.

Game Optimizer

Monetizr's Game Optimizer drives key revenue metrics for games. It uses machine learning to provide developers with actionable insights and tools. It enables in-game product sales and token mining by using the untapped power of devices. Case Studies

Brand Autopilot

Monetizr’s Brand Autopilot enables brand sponsored tokens and rewards. It is an automated way for brands to create highly targeted campaigns and reward gamers with physical goods, services or MTZ tokens.

Monetizr Tokens (MTZ)

MTZ token is a Smart, Decentralized and Universal Game Currency.

How it works


Developers increace engagement

Developers reward gamers with MTZs to increase game engagement, play-time and revenue. Developers use the untapped power of devices to mine cryptocurrencies, creating a 100% new revenue stream.


Gamers earn MTZ

Gamers earn MTZs by playing the games they love. MTZs are collected in MTZ wallets. Gamers earn additional MTZs for allowing cryptocurrency mining on their devices.


Brands sponsor rewards

Brands sponsor tokens and rewards for gamers. In exchange, brands get exposure to highly targeted audiences that are based on gamer interests, location and behavior.


Gamers get real value

Gamers use MTZs to purchase physical goods, services or exchange to other cryptocurrencies


SEPT 2016
  • Validation with 500+ developers
  • UpTech business accelerator
  • First customers onboarded

JUL 2017
  • YCombinators startup school
  • Ideal customers: Apple Design Award winners
  • 10 game studios onboarded

OCT 2017
  • 20 game studios onboarded
  • Techstars global business accelerator
  • 2 Mil. gamer reach

FEB 2018
  • Advisors from top game studios
  • 5 Mil. gamer reach
  • Crypto payment support in mobile games

MAR 2018
  • Physical game rewards shipped to 42 countries
  • #1 most innovative company in the state of Georgia
  • Partnered with Securitize
MAY 2018
  • Platform Primer release
  • Public platform presentation #MTZroadshow
  • Start of Security Token Offering

  • MTZ Token issuance
  • MTZ Wallet launch
  • MTZ integration in iOS, Android, Unity SDK

  • Game Optimizer update
  • Virtual mining feature

  • Brand Autopilot launch
  • Protocol for white label tokens and rewards
  • Instant liquidity through automated market makers
  • AAA game studio onboarded
  • Major brand as customer

Superhero Team, Advisors and Investors

Andris Merkulovs

Co-Founder and CEO

5 years in startups & App development, 10 years in Sales & Marketing. In last 5 years Andris participated in several IT startups. 10 years in sales and marketing - for one of the World’s largest Advertising & Marketing companies Omnicom Media Group (Account director for Nissan, McDonalds, etc.) and in Sales at Eastern Europe’s largest broadcasting services MTG Group.

Martins Bratuskins

Co-Founder and COO

Responsible for global operations and customer success. He brings over five years experience in building companies, customer and partner success, and e-commerce. Martins plays a leading role in Monetizr, helping to move the company to USA, on-boarding major game studio customers, graduating the world’s leading business accelerator Techstars, and spearheading efforts to enable game developers to drive engagement and revenue.

Reinis Skorovs

Co-Founder and CTO

He has more than six years of experience in software engineering and blockchain development. Reinis has been involved with cryptocurrencies since 2009, when he set up on of the first mining pools and bitcoin faucets in Germany. In 2014, he created a mobile blockchain-based P2P payment platform that won a “most promising startup” award in Finland. Reinis is a highly rated IT specialist with international experience in Germany, Latvia, Austria and the USA.

MC Petermann

Head of Marketing

Al Meyers

Gaming and Business development

Kent Huskey

Part-time CFO

Shawn Wilkinson

Founder and CTO of Storj

Tim Steudler

Gaming Advisor

Tim O'Neil

Gaming Advisor

Thor Alexander

Gaming Advisor

Michael Cohn

Managing director of Techstars Atlanta

Sudheer Chava, Ph.D

Professor of Finance at Georgia Institute of Technology

Sam Gassel

Techstars / Cybersecurity mentor

Georges Sassine

Techstars / Business mentor

Ryan Merket

Techstars / technical mentor

Matthew Herrick

Token Advisor

Top global startup accelerator. Techstars is the Worldwide Network that helps entrepreneurs succeed #DoMoreFaster #givefirst

Leading communications, media & automotive services company. $21B revenues & 60,000 employees.

Nationally ranked accelerator program for data-driven #B2B startups.

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Blockchain Game Reward Engine

We reward gamers with tokens for playing time & skill and we increase engagement & revenue metrics for game developers and brands